We thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank YOU and your marvelous trio!

Lena Morimoto

Thank you for sharing the wonderful music! It was a great time, and my friends who I brought really enjoyed it as well!

Brahm Masala

It is always such a pleasure watching talented musicians do their thing.  Have known Bob for a number of years & never knew he was so good.  For that matter, have known you for even longer, & always knew you were good.  But last nite blew me out of the water.  You were beyond anything I had imagined.  I think the word is phenomenal.  Thanks for the experience!

Marc Sinicrope

We loved the show. You guys were terrific!

Katie Shults

It was a wonderful time and all 3 of you have such unique voices in music so it was a pleasure to hear you exploring the interconnections and building auditory shapes together.  I also look forward to seeing you play soon!  Thank you!

Riley Godleski

Stephen, I was truly moved by the concert tonight. Very taken with the tune selection; and then the interaction among the three of you- you are each masterful at your instruments and seem to click together to create a fourth entity, i.e. the group; I couldn’t tell at times who was leading (although I could tell who was soloing…). Healing and uplifting.  Even more of an honor that you played on that little recording project of mine.  More, please…. from all of you.

John Lentz

It was truly our pleasure! The music was so interesting, and so well played…you will always have me as a fan, and now you have 3 more, and that was just at my table! Great show!

Kelley Hayes Rathman

You guys were incredible. What a creative, fun show! Hope I can make the next one!

Angela Regan

Wonderful, Exciting Music- Three First-Rate Musicians, a good venue, and appreciative audience. The best of the Pioneer Valley.  How lucky I was to be there tonight.  The rapport the trio had with the audience tonight was one of the reasons the night was so successful.  The audience really appreciated all that the trio offered.  I too am happy for them.  Although the media may not have been in the room, they will hear about the music.  I hope you’re all invited back to the Iron Horse.

Sylvia C.

Stephen, it was great to hear you play.  Your playing is so lush and lyrical and elegant and nimble and alive and expansive and immediate and harmonically satisfying and interesting and the piano loves you.  It made me happy and pulled me out of a feeling of dullness and apathy about music.  Your solos quenched my thirst and the water was pulled from a deep, deep, deep blue lake in Norway or somewhere.  Never been to Norway.  You can breathe under water.  It was nice for me and Vera to share the experience.  We both needed music.

Judy Raiffa

Julien and I were blown away by your music!

Laura Ginsberg-Peltz

The Stephen Page Trio was wonderful last night!  Your music gave me genuine happiness, and for that I am sincerely grateful.

Leslie Nyman

You were amazing Stephen!  I was very impressed and the crowd was loving you guys!  I’m glad I got to be a part of it.  I loved seeing you so happy in your true element!

Mika Scarano

Your performance Saturday night was superb!  I am not an adept jazz fan but didn’t need to be to be able to appreciate the musicianship being displayed.  You guys were incredibly tight and the interplay between melody/rhythm and solos was amazing!  You all sounded awesome!  Thank you for inviting us.  Sarah had a great time as well and thoroughly enjoyed the music (and she is not a big jazz fan).

Todd Richardson